Sitecore – IIS Output Cache – Handler doesn’t return proper data.

Recently we migrated our website to Sitecore.NET 6.6.0 (rev. 130529). We have a custom handler (.ashx) to pull data from database in JSON format. We experienced Inconsistency in the response while executing handler. It worked for first two times and later it just responded with last response and request was not even hitting Sitecore. IIS Output caching (User-mode or Kernel-mode output caching in IIS) itself sent the cached response.

Later we came to know that IIS output caching is not supported officially by Sitecore – Sitecore doesn’t support ASP.NET Output Caching.

One thought on “Sitecore – IIS Output Cache – Handler doesn’t return proper data.

  1. Good Anaysis.Hi Nehemiah,Your posts are much appreciated.We are having challenge requirement for our project.Import and export packages through Powershell script independent with sitecore.We have Powershell console to do such tasks within sitecore but we are looking for the solution which help us to import and export packages independent with sitecore .For instance if we type the command Install SC package \”package name\” in Windows powershell it should install the package into sitecore.Thanks in advance….


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